About FruitFull Living

What if there was a better way to approach health and wellness? What if instead of obsessing about the number on the scale under you feet, you approached health and wellness as getting healthy, whole, and finally free with the help of Christ.

I started Fruitfull Living not only as a way to document this beautiful journey I am undergoing but to also help educate and motivate other individuals to do the same thing. I am just an ordinary person who has felt “weighed down” and “heavy” as a result of the world’s standards of what “healthy” and “fit” are. I have worked my whole life trying to fit into this world’s standards of what beauty is and to look thinner all the while loosing more and more of my true identity, feeling less worthy, and left feeling disappointed and empty.

I am on a mission to get healthy, whole, and free and do it with the help of The Father- the only one who can make me whole and complete. It is in him that we find true self-love, acceptance, and healing. Which in turn changes the way we view ourselves and the way we live. Once whole through Christ we can then learn to move our bodies because we love our bodies and eat healthier as a means to fuel our bodies. Move more and eat healthier as a way to honor and nourish our vessels in which Christ uses us to do his good work. That is what it is truly about my friends!

I have a passion for women and children. Women who have never truly felt loved or accepted. Women who are always looking for something to complete them. Feeling like they are missing something, like they are “too much yet not enough” all at the same time. I want to stop this cycle so my children do not carry on this dysfunction. Together let’s get healthy, whole, and free which in turn will lead to “Fruitfull Living”.

All His Love.

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